Why Should You Trust Pride Ceremonies ® With Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Ceremony?

Your ceremony will be to mark one of life's most important events. Choosing the celebrant who will create and conduct the ceremony is an important part of your planning. I take this privilege very seriously so I am committed to ensuring that every ceremony I conduct is unique and of consistently high quality, and that every ceremony meaningfully and joyfully reflects who you are.

My no-embarrassment policy
and guarantee
I spell out what you can expect from me in my no-embarrassment policy, my eight-point guarantee, and my mission statement

I am a full-time professional celebrant
And by full-time I mean really full-time. I do not have obligations to anyone or anything that may compromise my capacity to meet your needs or to attend on the day of your ceremony.

My business is registered
ABN 54 113 250 110

I am well presented
I am well-spoken with good voice projection. My dress style is elegant and understated. Regardless of how informal your ceremony is, I ensure that what I wear conveys my respect for the occasion and does not compete for attention.

Your ceremony will be stress-free and truly personal
I understand that having an individual and unique ceremony is important. Regardless of the type of ceremony you choose you will have at your service
  • my breadth and depth of knowledge
  • my capacity to design and deliver a ceremony that uses beautiful words to touch the hearts and minds of everyone present
  • my capacity to design and direct a ceremony that is visually satisfying and delivers opportunities for stunning photographs
  • my skill in assessing "how could this go wrong" and putting in place measures to avoid that happening
  • my capacity to think on my feet and deal with anything that may go awry on the day
  • my skill in reading people and dealing sensitively with delicate situations
I deliver only personal custom-created ceremonies
Regardless of the style of ceremony you have chosen,  I use a number of mechanisms to ensure that I understand your needs, values and wishes for your ceremony.  I work in close conjunction with you to facilitate development of a unique ceremony. While this is more work for me I feel it works much better for you and for your guests than the more-usual "mix-and-match" methodology. I will do as much of the work in writing your ceremony as you wish me to.

I am highly qualified both in general and in celebrancy of all types - marriage, general, and funeral.
In addition to academic qualifications and many years of experience as a celebrant, I have had many years of experience in education and in management of information services

I am accredited

And be assured, I'm fully insured
I am delighted to have a reputation for providing high quality ceremonies and service, but I'm also a belt-and-braces person, so I'm fully insured for both Public and Professional Liability.

You will save both time and money
You get so much more for your investment, and in the long run you will save both time and money. Even though my fees are not as low as some celebrants charge, because I am both ethical and efficient, they are also not anywhere near as high as some charge either.
  • I DO NOT require you to attend numerous meetings (saving you time and money spent on petrol)
  • I'm happy to meet with you after hours or on weekends, so you do not have to take time off work
  • I advise you about the most efficient and economical ways to meet the legal requirements when you are getting married
  • I DO NOT pay kick-backs or commissions to be on recommended or preferred suppliers lists, nor do I accept or give incentives, gift or payments for for referrals/being recommended,  so I don't have to add those fees to what I charge you
  • I can provide you with advice about venues, council requirements and other matters, saving you the need to research them
  • I will teach you negotiating strategies that will deliver greater savings than just directly negotiating on price
  • I am not registered for GST, and therefore do not add GST to my fee.
I provide you with personal and supportive service
I take the time to get to know you, to understand your vision for your ceremony, and work hard to ensure that your ceremony exceeds your expectations.

I adhere to high standards

Read more about the Codes of Practice and Ethical Standards I adhere to
Read more about my Values and Philosophy

There will be no uncomfortable surprises

My policy and commitment is that you will have no uncomfortable surprises in relation to your ceremony. Everything will be agreed and signed off beforehand. My 'no uncomfortable surprises' policy includes no uncomfortable surprises for the participants or the guests. While I'm happy to perform ceremonies that are a surprise for your guests or others, I believe it is unfair to spring such a surprise on a participant even where the ceremony is a non-legal ceremony. NB: It is illegal in Australia for one partner to make arrangements for a legal wedding without the full knowledge and consent of the other. Completing a Notice of Intended Marriage is not a binding consent to be married. So both parties have to be aware of date, time, and place of the marriage ceremony throughout the process.

I value and protect your privacy

  • Any information provided to me is provided in confidence.
  • Information is stored in a secure location, is accessed only by me, and is kept no longer than is needed for the purposes of your ceremony, at which time it is destroyed by shredding.
  • I do not pass on, or otherwise use, any information provided as part of arrangements for your ceremony for any purpose, and that includes sharing or re-using your ceremony.
  • I do not treat your ceremony as a personal marketing opportunity
  • When we meet, it is in private, not in a shared office space.

I've got it covered
As a member of the largest celebrant association in Australia I have a network of celebrants, so in the unlikely event of my being unable to conduct your ceremony (which would only be in the case of sudden illness) a replacement celebrant will be available to step in.