Any ceremony conducted by Jennifer Cram of Pride Ceremonies® is covered by an 8 point guarantee
  1. Simplicity and transparency of fee structure
    I openly advertise my fees and what these fees cover. I do not advertise a low price and then add extra charges once you are committed.

  2. Choice of ceremony styles to meet a wide variety of needs and budgets
    I understand that different people have different needs and therefore offer a range of services reflecting broad categories of need, priced accordingly. So if you are genuinely watching the budget, and your requirements are simple, you may choose a service level that fits that.
  3. Service quality surpassing your expectations of excellence
    Most celebrants expect you to choose your ceremony. That means that  they will offer you a choice of pre-written ceremonies, with the capacity to mix and match parts from different pre-written ceremonies, or expect you to choose each part of the ceremony from pre-written selections for each section of the ceremony, and the ceremony will follow a set template. I do neither. Because I am totally committed to your ceremony being a unique reflection of your needs, wishes, vision and values I gather information from you and then create a purpose-written ceremony for you to approve or edit/ask for changes. Yet my fees are in the same ball-park as most other celebrants. Some even charge considerably more for doing far less work.

  4. Open and frequent communication and information provision between booking and your ceremony day
    I'm only a phone call or email away, and I respond promptly

  5. Creative problem solving approach to your every request
    This is your ceremony, not mine, so whatever it is you want in the ceremony I will look at HOW we can achieve it, not reasons why you should not even try. This is where my very large celebrancy-related library and extensive knowledge and experience is an asset

  6. Your ceremony crafted with attention to the impact of the words and to ensuring that the staging facilitates wonderful videos and photographs
    As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so from the outset I have a double focus in addition to ensuring that the words are beautiful and meaningful - what the various parts of the ceremony will look like to the guests and how well they will photograph.

  7. You are an essential part of the process of developing your unique ceremony and the ultimate decisions relating to your ceremony and how it will flow are yours
    It is your ceremony, therefore you must have what you want not what a celebrant thinks you should have or is only prepared to let you have.

  8. Your ceremony performed with warm professionalism, a light-hearted touch and in accordance with all legal requirements