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Pride Ceremonies ®
by Jennifer Cram, Authorised Marriage Celebrant

... making it easy for you to have a ceremony that is a perfect mix of laughter and tears, of serious words and light-hearted expressions, of words to listen to, actions to look at, symbolism to internalise, and interaction between you and your guests as well as between your guests and me, your celebrant.

Please call me Jenny. All my friends do. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Pride Ceremonies® by Jennifer Cram (she/her) is celebrating 16 years of providing relaxed, entertaining, non-traditional ceremonies for all regardless of gender or gender expression.  I'm immensely proud to be the first celebrant in Australia to provide a dedicated website focusing on the needs of same-sex couples, and to continue to send that message of love and inclusion

Thanks to the change in the Marriage Act, since 9 January 2018 I have been able to conduct joyful and respectful Legal Marriage Ceremonies (the first at 9 am that morning, the second at 7 pm that evening!)  and to ensure that you get to live happily ever after as Mrs&Mrs, Mr&Mr, or Mr&Mrs, as the case may be.   And I make sure that each ceremony is an emotional experience for everyone present. It gives me great joy to pronounce couples well and truly and legally married!

I concentrate on giving exceptional value for money, great service, and a joyous and meaningful ceremonial experience for you and for your guests. I feel no need to control every part of the ceremony. I'm relaxed about spontaneity, about not being the person who does all the talking (though I'm happy to be that person if you wish), and have offered unstructured*, free-flowing ceremonies for many years, along with more formal ceremonies where you get to see the script full well before the ceremony. What this means is that I do not provide standard ceremonies indistinguishable from the many ceremonies you've experienced as a guest - ceremonies that frankly alienate and bore the guests and do little to enhance relationships.
  *Unstructured does not mean unprepared!
This extends to how I work and what I charge. While what I charge is affordable, my fee reflects the complexity of the ceremony and the many hours I devote to developing, creating and performing the ceremony. And, because part of my service is to share with you the negotiating techniques I learned over many years of managing multi-million dollar services, I guarantee that not only will you have a much more emotionally satisfying experience (as will your guests) your bottom line costs for you whole celebration will reflect savings that are more than the difference between my fees and those charged by less committed celebrants.
I do the work for you (and with you) - Team Work makes the Dream Work!
Every ceremony I create is purpose created for a particular couple or individual and is therefore is a personally positive experience for you as well as for your guests.
No pre-written set ceremonies or mix-and-match ceremonies.
Read more about what I don't do (so you know you can be confident that there will be nothing cringe-worthy in your ceremony)

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We want to say an enormous, gigantic thank you for all of your amazing work  I will have the feedback form completed soon. I won't say goodbye because I'm confidant our paths will cross again. The ceremony was beautifully written and performed. We were so grateful to have you marry us and I simply can't thank you enough. Our guests were all moved with your ceremony - especially our families. - Chris and Michael, legally married at Ecostudio Fellini

Craig & James with Jennifer Cram, gay
                    positive marriage celebrantFrom our very first phone call to Jennifer we found her approach to be comfortable, calm and competent, whilst being professional yet personal. These thoughts were proved during our first face-to-face meeting. Communication frequency was appropriate. We had given Jennifer specific ideas and expectations of her as a Celebrant and at no time were we disappointed with her suggestions and ideas and final product. The questionnaire gave us the opportunity to reflect as both a couple and as individuals and proved to be a great tool to both Jennifer and us in formalising the ceremony. Jennifer conducted the ceremony in such  manner allowing our love to shine. Barely a dry eye in the house our guests commented it was the best, most meaningful, personalised civil ceremony they have ever attended. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jennifer. We provide this testimonial with our  heartfelt thanks.  Kind regards and love Craig & James  who committed to one another in October 2012 in the presence of family and friends against a backdrop of gingham Bali flags in celebration of James' trademarked checked shirts. When Craig was saying his vows, his spontaneous "Look at me, Kimmy" to James created one of the many magic moments in the ceremony. I felt enormously privileged to be part of the expression of the deep love these two share. And in January, 2018, to put the legal seal on their commitment in a simple ceremony in their lovely garden.